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We are proud to offer high quality Sublimation printing to our customers. When using sublimation printing, you are not limited to the number of colors that can be used. This is great when you want to reproduce full color photographs.Sublimation printing utilizes special dye sublimation ink that actually turns into a gas when heated to a certain temperature. Sublimation ink only works on synthetic fabrics such as polyester. The higher the polyester content in the shirt the better the sublimation print will look.

Some of our customers like to use shirts with a lower percentage of polyester in them in order to give a vintage or worn look to the garment. When garments are printed using sublimation ink it does not change the feel of the garment. This is a very desirable feature. Sublimation printing will also last the lifetime of the garment. Most of the colorful jerseys that you see the cyclist wearing in the Tour de France are printed using sublimation.

Sublimation printing will also work on a many other materials. We can print on coffee mugs, luggage tags, sports bottles, bags, license plates, mouse pads, towels, belt buckles, dog tags, and many other items.


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