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Sports Uniforms

For the custom team uniforms your squad needs for the upcoming season call Lockers & Rosters for the hottest new designs. We have created custom athletic uniforms for countless schools, sports clubs, companies, and nonprofit organizations all across the DFW metroplex. If your creativity knows no boundaries, our printing capabilities know no limits.

While Print Bully Ink is often recognized as being a leading force in the custom printed t-shirt industry, we’re certainly no slouches when it comes to custom sports uniforms and jerseys. We customize greatness so greatness can look good on the court and in the field. If you’re ready to look and play great, we’re ready for you.


Who wants generic prints? Custom team uniforms give your team an edge. Turn heads. Strike fear in the competition. Wear your colors proudly. It doesn’t matter which sport you play or coach, The Graphic Edge can help you design exciting customized sports uniforms that will make your team memorable.And our products don’t just look good – they’re made by the elite athletic apparel companies. Our custom baseball jerseys are printed on products from companies like Teamwork Athletic and Badger. Our custom football uniforms are printed on top flight Under Armour gear. Need some exciting customized softball jerseys for the summer season? We have all of the Alleson and Russell Athletic jerseys you need.

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